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Jim Jones Revue 


Sweaty old business this


Before and after - the last ever JJR gig at The Forum in Kentish Town, London


Paris warfare


At the end of the pier... Southend

Gallic gastronomy in Paris. Love the two old dudes arguing in the background

A pensive Jim listens back to demos for The Savage Heart at The Premises Studio in Hackney. March 2012.

The calm before the storm, La Cigalle in Paris

Burning Your House Down Brew from where else but Belgium

I ashure you we've only had a few light ales offisher... with Elliot Mortimer in Stockholm.

The morning after the night before, with various Urban Voodoo types.

Watching me watching you. Photographer and friend of the band Stephane Rossi.

Selfie on the road in France, channelling my inner Withnail.

Our smallest gig ever? In store appearance at record shop, looks like Nick got confused about which instrument he plays.

The first Jim Jones Revue photo shoot in 2008 down at Bardens Boudoir in Dalston shortly before the hipsters seized control. Pic by Nathan Seabrook who also directed our first two videos. At this stage Nick has yet to develop his quiff.

Deep Inside Klub in Dijon. A claustrophobic underground tunnel, chaotic and loud. Once we got going the sweat was raining down from the ceiling threatening to blow up our amps. Luckily we all survived to have a riotous gig. May 2009.

Discovering that our flight from Stockholm to Malmo was booked for the right day.... but the wrong month. All tours are basically Spinal Tap. Jan 2009... or is it Jun?

Rooftop after-show for The Big Day Out in Australia. Ah, them were the days. Wish I could say we did this every night but generally a warm can of stella in a motorway Travelodge was the more usual aftershow arrangement. It's all smoke and mirrors, kids.

Me with Daz at the BBC for the recording of Later with Jools Holland. After the show we went on the rampage, desecrating the Blue Peter garden and committing many heinous acts of drunken debauchery. Since then entire building has been shut down and the BBC relocated - coincidence? Perhaps.... Oct 2010.

Sex Pistol Glen Matlock joins us for a riotous version of Anarchy in the UK at the Seabright Arms. I wouldn't lend my bass to just anyone... March 2013.

The legend that is Paul Summers summoning the Gods of Rock to reign merry havoc upon the gathered souls. Paul tour managed, drove, teched, sold merch and kept us in stitches for several trips around Europe in 'The Zeus.' A diamond geezer.

The Big Day Out in Australia. Holding an outdoor festival in ninety degree heat seems insane to me, but then I do live on a rainy rock grey in the middle of a freezing ocean. Fantastic set of festival gigs with an amazing line up. Dec 2011.

Recording session for The Savage Heart at The Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire. Squint and you can see Jim Sclavunos offering sage advice in the live room. May 2012.

Alfred Sargent made us all some shoes with our initials on the bottom so you'll know who's stamping on your face

Paul Ronney enjoys the hospitality at a festival in France. With Luci Fire, who was also our Ass. Director on Aldecide

Soundcheck, somewhere in France.

Packed in tight on the Tokyo subway. Nov 2012.

With Scott Asheton in Hollywood. We were fortunate to get to know Scott and his family a little before he sadly passed away in 2014. Scott influenced countless bands with his drumming for The Stooges but remained humble and generous. An effortlessly cool, down-to-earth guy.

In the green room at Canal+ about to film a set for Album of The Week. These are all set lists from previous bands. Jan 2009.

Outside La Cigale in Paris after our show there. We proceeded to pile into the bar next door for an unofficial aftershow party joined by a good percentage of the audience and pretty much drank it dry. May 2013.

A real scorcher of a gig, this time in Melbourne at the East Brunswick Club. Air conditioning is cheating. Sadly another venue that has permanently closed it's doors, a common problem these days it would seem. Fight blandification, kids. Jan 2012.

They wouldn't let us play this gig in France, supposedly because of the volume - despite us stripping down to a semi-acoustic setup. Then they told the audience we were refusing to go on - luckily we had Henri on hand to translate and put the record straight. Some promoters are quite frankly dicks.

The sweetest beer I ever supped. This is in Switzerland after a mammoth overnight drive from Northern France. We were in a splitter van so nobody got to sleep, we just arrived, set up and played. It was an incredibly hot day with the afternoon sun blazing directly down onto the stage. A couple of us were close to passing out but volume and adrenaline saw us through. August 2013.

Elliots keyboard after a bit of gentle tinkling. He went through a lot of these.

Backstage at Dante's in Portland with Lemmy and Graham Finn, who did sound on our first USA tour. Sad to think Lemmy has gone now, a top bloke who kept the whiskey and stories flowing all night. And my proudest compliment was from him when we came off stage - "that werent bad, even for a fookin' bass player." RIP Lem. Sep 2010.

My one enduring memory of Glastonbury. June 2011.

An early warning. During a fraught soundcheck at The Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg we fail to get the volume down to regulation Euro-levels and Jim ends up singing through a guitar amp. Our agent Frehn made up this sign advising the audience to consider purchasing earplugs. Oct 2008.

Mr Herbet deep in contemplation. France. Oct 2013.

Nick Jones getting 'papped' in Paris. Feb 2009.

Jim with Mick Rock in New York. We had a very lively photo session being subjected to the full Mick Rock Experience. It was difficult keeping a straight face as he relentlessly took the piss. July 2010.

Demo sessions for The Savage Heart. March 2012.

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